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Change in the Parenting Styles

There is one thing I remember clearly from the early days of when my daughter was born. Besides the euphoria of having a little angel in our lives, it was the constant advice that has been etched in my memory. Right from how I should keep her suitably covered with at least 3 layers of

Role of parents in a child’s life

My son is learning about the concept of “family” in his school right now. Basically, they teach him who is a part of his family, and what role each individual plays. So when he came back from school the other day and explained to me in his toddler talk, what his family is, I couldn’t

Building self-confidence in children

The lunch break in office can often be a vibrant place for brainstorming on parenting issues. The other day, as my colleagues and I debated heatedly on what could be the most important life skill we as parents could help build in our child, it got me thinking! On a personal level and after much

Igenius Workshop – The Confident Child

Self confidence is the key to the universe, suggests a famous saying. Confidence is defined as a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. Among most qualities that parents wish to see their child/children develop, it can be strongly said that confidence tops the list! And there’s good reason

Violence on Television viewed by children

It was a regular Sunday morning. I had just picked up my morning cup of coffee from the kitchen and had settled comfortably to read the papers amid the background noise of kids’ chatter. All of a sudden I heard a yelp from the kids’ room, it was our help. Startled I jumped out of

Children and Cartoons

A few months back iGenius had invited experts to talk about wholesome child development. One of the videos posted at that time was that of Derek O’Brien, and he had mentioned a new rage that has started among children these days; that of being “screen kids.” These children he explained move from one screen to

Igenius Parents’ League Winners

Dear all, below is the list of winners who have sent their address details to us on For those who haven’t, we request them to please send their address details before 3rd July, 2011 to claim their respective prizes. Pune Warriors Jerseys Unni Thalore, Sadhana Mandal, Abhilash C.Menon, Arun Kumar, Dinesh Kumar and Abha