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Patriotic Kids of Today

I wish to begin this blog by relating an incident that took place last year on the 14th of August. An incident that made me feel like a proud mother. My 5 year old son was working on a school craft project in which he had created the national flag with vegetable prints. As soon

Celebration of Talent

There is nothing that can sum up the value of wholesome development better than recognizing how it impacts a child, and his /her entire life ahead. It can be the difference between intelligence and genius, the starkness between ordinary and extra ordinary, a marked distinction between ambition and passion. And we can all guess, who

Helping Children Find Role Models

The famous African adage, “It takes a village to raise a child” couldn’t have been closer to the truth. Just one look at your child’s life indicates the number of people who influence his or her life on a daily basis. Of course parents play a major role in their child’s life, especially in the