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What your child needs – A Parent or A Friend?

Parenting is very difficult, and trying to be a friend to your child at the same time can be like balancing on a tight rope. As long as you are a parent first, it is possible to be friends with your child. As long as your children stay within the boundaries that are set for

Express Yourself

Throwing things, screaming, slamming doors and even going completely quiet. They are all a way of expressing one’s feelings. While these methods might not be the best way to express emotions, or what experts recommend, children often tend to display either of these behaviors when they feel a negative emotion. For instance, a child who

Encouraging Creativity in Children

Going to school. Attending extracurricular classes. Finishing homework. Television time. Catching up with friends – if time permits. Dinnertime. Bedtime. And not to forget – Weekend activity classes and workshops too! Phew! The life of a child in today’s generation sure sounds exhausting! Can you imagine your day being packed between shuffling to and fro

Tayaree Exams Ki

Have you ever wondered why the word examination gets you anxious like no other? As wise and calm as we parents are, it brings about a certain level of apprehension – whether one realizes it or not! So, can you imagine then, what it must feel like for your child as examination time nears? Very

Learning At School

It’s not just about the lessons in history, or cracking that algebra problem or even about excelling in a sport! Going by your own experience of your school life, you know school is much more than just about what’s in the textbooks. After all, don’t you remember what it was like to attend your first

Same Gender Siblings – an advantage?

“The best gift parents can give their child is a sibling.” ~Author Unknown Having just celebrated Rakshabandhan, one can’t help but concur with this quote. It was a heart-warming sight to see my 2-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son celebrate this festival. Even though their understanding of what it signifies is limited to the poems they

My Father – My Inspiration

Whether it was learning how to ride a bicycle or cracking that almost impossible trigonometry problem, or even being taught how to swim by being thrown into the deep end! I have a lot to thank my father for. Not only for the skills he taught me and the confidence he built in me, but

Social Networking for Children

My tryst with the technology related “child raising challenge” began with my older daughter wanting to open her own email account. At first we thought it was a great idea, but then we got curious about who she wanted to email, since she met most of the people she knew on a regular basis. Little

Summer Activities at home

As the summer holidays approached this year, I could see parents, especially mothers all around me with just one question on their lips, “Which summer camp are you putting your child in?” A mad frenzy of pamphlets and advertisements bombarded us wherever we went during the first few days of May, a time when most

Q & A with Principal

Question 1: Romika Wadehra Please explain that without creating any pressure on the child, how can we make the child understand the importance of the loss of marks due to sheer carelessness in exams? Carelessness in exams can become a habit and children do not grow out of it unless a conscious effort is made