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Inculcating the habit of reading in children – Parents Speak Up

Heartiest congratulations to Sandhi Sharma Sandhir, Garima Aggarwal, Ishah Sha, Shweta Mattoo Koul and Lakshmi Mukesh Agarwal. Their comments on the topic – ‘Inculcating the habit of reading in children’ have been selected to as the best ones to get featured on our blog. Do read and share your feedback.

Sandhi Sharma Sandhir

These days children are moving away from reading due to several reasons. They have enough reading to do for school studies. There are many distractions such as television and computer, which leaves no time, or patience, for reading. In order to encourage good reading habits in OUR KIDS we should first of all serve as good examples ourselves. If the child finds us reading instead of being glued to television, he may also want to do the same. Providing appropriate reading material, controlling television viewing and helping the child to structure his routine to include enough time to play and read will help. Nagging a child to read is not desirable as it may make the child rebel and not do as told. He will read only if he finds it interesting and valuable. My daughters read. And little one even if she cannot read letters.but takes a book and imagines her own story and pretends that she is reading something.

Garima Aggarwal

Some tips:

1. Introduce books (board books, cloth books) at a very early age of your child i.e. 1.5 or 2

2. Keep sometime daily only for book reading, which is other than course books. Eg.parent and children will sit with books for 1 hour daily

3. Bring pictorial and story books regularly for kids to inculcate their interest in books

4. Discuss stories and articles your children with a spirit that who knows better. This will ensure that kids understand and learn to explain whatever they read in books

5. During story time in night, ask your kids to narrate a story he read from his story book

6. Imply the readings (lessons learn) in your daily life. This way kids will understand the importance of reading and learning through books. Also, they will grow up as good human beings

Ishah Sha

I agree with Sandhi, but you have to inculcate reading habit from a very young age. Start with colorful books if possible popup books. It will be interesting 4 a kid. Slowly move to small story books. You also sit with your kid n read books with …them. Discuss it in between, explain them. After completing d book discuss d book, ask your child if he could change d ending, what it will be n why. You also give your opinion. If possible see a movie adaptation. Explain to your child that. Books can take u on a journey fueled by our imagination. In a short period u can travel anywhere in d world even to fictional places. You can be a king, a wizard or a fisherman by the sea. All this is made livable by books. A great example is my son had an assignment to write a book report on any classics. He chose Robinson Crusoe. We both read it. And we discussed it. He told me even he wants to experience such a voyage by sea n live on an island all alone n have all d adventures. Me and my son both read books then we exchange n discuss it. I used to read all his kiddy books and enjoy it. Now it’s a competition between us who reads more books as he is in a hostel. We also recommend each other books. We read happy potter n saw movie. We saw Narnia n read book n discussed how it’s different from the book version. Sometimes we do silly things like enacting any character from the book. And add our own modifications it’s a great way to increase his interest in reading. I tell him to write his version of d book n I write mine then we both discuss. We make it a point to attend story sessions organized by leading book stores. You can take your child there. Many book stores organize story workshops for kids. It will also help in inculcating reading habit in kids. Once in a while ask your kid to bring his/her friends and then you can make them read a book and help them prepare a skit based on d book. I did that with my kid. And I was highly impressed by their writing skills and improvising. They wrote such beautiful dialogues and they modified the skit many times so that everyone got same dialogues. They were so excited they showed it to their teacher in school also. I think we have to keep them encouraging by making a reading habit for ourselves & being involved with their reading. Once we are sure then we can let them chose on their own. Reading improves one’s vocabulory, imagination, writing, creativity. So it helps parents as well as kids. It takes u to a different world. Spread the habit of reading. ♥.
When my son was 3 we read a panchtantra story. To make it more interesting I made props of a tree, a house, a ladder and a mango. We played d 2 characters of d story. He was very happy n still remembers that story.

Shweta Mattoo Koul

Books books books we love books!
I and my 3 year old daughter have a ritual of reading everyday! I started reading out to her from very early on when she was some 4-5 months old baby. She was the youngest member of the kids’ library in the neighborhood. For me borrowing books was an advantage….lots of variety. Every weekend or in 15 days we both go to the library. She looks forward to such visits and also actively participates in choosing the books. The reading time has become a habit. Sometimes when I am tired or for some reasons forget to read out to her; it is so gladdening to hear the little one remind me about reading time!

Lakshmi Mukesh Agarwal

Children learn from what they see, so as parents stop watching TV and pick up a book and start reading with them. I get colorful board books with colorful pics for my kids. My elder one is now 4.5 yrs old and she was introduced to board books that are small sized right at the age of 1. One thing is at this small age the first thing many kids would do is to tear or scribble on the book which they see. It’s ok to not put them down then as this may lead to aversion when we scold them. Let them explore the book in their own way. Slowly they will learn to start turning the pages and enjoying the pics and colors and also start recognizing them. I used to spend 10 mins intervals of sitting with books when she was one and there was no routine. It used to be random and at least 4 -5 times a day. Another habit which she still continues is to take a book to bed and read out a story from it. Involve them in the plot get them to develop the story and this will interest them. Yet another thing would when kids love art and drawing tell them the story and ask them to depict the same in a pictorial form and get them to form their own stories. Slowly u can introduce puzzle books etc. u can also get cd’s and corresponding books. Play the cd and once over introduce the same in the book. Today my younger one who is 19 months old comes to me with a book when I take her to bed and says mummy story. She also sits with a book trying to read to me in her mumbling voice. I really take interest in her story and listen to her asking actively participating with her. This excites her even more although she does tear books at times!!!

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Thanx all for your innovative ideas that help inculcate reading habit in kids. I am a mother of a two year old kid n often used to wonder how n when to start. your suggestions,especially d creative ones like making kids write their own story line n dialogues is fantastic. This involvement will surely lead them to inculcate reading habit. Also I truly agree that forcing a kid towards liking this hobby is a complete no no. We, as adults wouldn’t like it.
I thank d entire igenius team for popping such interesting n informative topics which otherwise we, as parents, may overlook.

Greetings! Very helpful advice on this article! It is the little changes that make the biggest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Good task publishing Inculcating the habit of reading in children – Parents Speak Up | igenius blog. I would like to read more on this subject.

Apparently this is what the esteemed Willis was takiln’ ’bout.

I feel that it is best to write more on this matter Inculcating the habit of reading in children – Parents Speak Up | igenius blog. It may not be a taboo topic but usually individuals are not sufficient to speak on such topics.

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