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Role of a mother in a family

We have been talking about wholesome development of a child for a while now, and the timing seems just right to mention the one person who plays the biggest role in a child’s development. No points for guessing this one, it is the ‘Mother’.

With Mother’s day that is celebrated on May 9th ,round the corner, we thought of dedicating this blog/post to all mothers while at the same time reflecting on her role and its importance in a child’s life. While just this post will certainly not suffice, with the topic being endless just like a mother’s job, we had to start someplace, didn’t we?

It is hard to put into words, the role of the mother in a family. After all, how do you describe the role of your legs in walking, or that of your hands in writing, or that of your heart in living! It’s difficult to imagine life any other way!

A mother is like the nucleus around whom everyone else orbits in a family. And the word multi-tasking was probably coined for a mother’, and if not, certainly had her in mind! After all a mother provides the required structure and balance to the household, lacking which the world would seem chaotic and confusing. She is the one person who ensures that life functions in an orderly way, right from breakfast, lunch, dinner being served at the table, to clothes being ironed and kept in the cupboard, to the kitchen always being stocked up with food, the beds perfectly made, the bills paid, the list is infinite!

However, more importantly, a mother brings balance to the family, mentally and emotionally. She is, more often than not the official role model, caretaker, administrator of hugs and band-aids! She switches effortlessly from being a disciplinarian to a friend in a matter of minutes. Surekha Pillai, a mother of two says that, “I clearly remember my mom as the person with the solution to any problem that I may have had or as someone who helped me easily forget or overcome an issue I struggled with in my childhood days”.

Needless to say, she plays a pivotal role in what a child becomes tomorrow. A mother is the one person who is responsible for a child’s wholesome development and takes charge of it. She is the one who ensures, that the child gets ample nutrition, activity, opportunity and rest. She is the one person, who a child looks out for, in order to feel secure, loved and happy, right from the time of his/her birth. And that invisible umbilical cord continues long after the physical one has been cut off!

Clearly, a mother’ journey is perhaps one of the toughest. A famous quote, “A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie” reminds one of her abundant generosity and kindness.

As we inch towards Mother’s day, it is only required that all mothers be remembered, celebrated and be told how special she is. Anuradha Sengupta, a parent, says that “A friend recently posted an update on her Facebook account to wish her mother a happy birthday, ‘my friend and my strength’. I think that pretty much sums up my mother for me and also perhaps the kind of mother I would like to be!”

How do you think you would sum up your role as a mother? What have been some of your experiences and challenges while bringing up your child that makes your journey so special?

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For me the most fulfilling moments as a mother are when I see my child independent of me. I love watching her interact on her own with friends and others. She is almost 4, so its an age where they are discovering their individuality. At such moments I always think back to the first moment I held her, she was a tiny little thing, but always a fighter! Slightly pre-mature, her birth weight was only 2.1 kilos. Watching her grow in leaps and bounds is sheer joy.

Being a mother is a very important role of your life i.e when you give life to something which is alive and so small,delicate completely dependent on you .And seeing him/her grow like a own new plant is formed.
his/her habits matching your habits in some way or other and seeing your mirror image of your life by ownself.

Nice! Just wanted to respond. I thoroughly loved your post. Keep up the great work on .

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