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Role of parents in a child’s life

My son is learning about the concept of “family” in his school right now. Basically, they teach him who is a part of his family, and what role each individual plays. So when he came back from school the other day and explained to me in his toddler talk, what his family is, I couldn’t help but smile and at the same time wonder. How that definition has changed for me over the years! When I was about his age, my family too, like his, was my mom and dad and my sister. But today, the family has transformed to say the least! Over the years, while growing up, I seem to have created a family all of my own, and that’s when I also realized, one day so will my children. It was one teary eyed moment that only moms are capable of having – Ask mine! She must have had millions of these while we were growing up.

We think of ourselves as individuals in all spheres of life once we grow up, whether its work or relationships, but this is true only until our children are born. From then on, individuality takes a back seat and being a parent becomes our primary role. Let me explain. I used to wonder, why my parents made the sacrifices that they did, by not taking that job opportunity, or saving up for our education instead of buying the latest car, but now that I have become a parent, it’s a natural instinct to think about my child’s happiness and well-being before everything else.

Our parents spend their whole life and good part of our lives too, caring for us, nurturing us, helping and guiding us, yes sometimes even scolding us, but at the end of the day, from the moment we are born, they are eternally tied to us, in a way no other relationship can be. One cannot even begin to account for how much our parents impact our lives. From choices we make, to the values we have, they form the foundation of our future, literally.

As I play out my role as a parent today, I realize the kind of responsibility mine must’ve have shouldered everyday and that too without a fuss. In fact they were always willing to make our lives better and happier, every single day, and I just hope I can be half the parent my parents have been to me, and I will have raised a happy and responsible child.

Some of the things my parents have taught me about parenting, by way of example, have been truly invaluable. And although, no words can ever express how much they mean to me, I hope that I show my gratitude for making me who I am, by passing on these values effectively to my children, helping them become responsible, compassionate adults who contribute to the world around them.

Yes, when I see it, it seems like a lifetime’s work and it means that I will have to be more of parent than a best friend. It means sometimes I will have to choose the hard line and be mean and listen to my children cry their hearts out. It may even mean that I won’t be liked and maybe not even loved but being a parent is not about me it is about them. And I hope one day when they become parents, they too will see the value in how I have raised them, just like I see with my parents today.

They say parenting is the toughest job and it’s a never ending one, Now think I believe it! I would love to know how your parents shaped your lives and happiness, and how you intend to do so for your children.

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Great thought.Discipline in day to day life and live life in a manner that you can see your self face to face in the mirror…that I have learned and forwarding this to my kids too.

I too agree with others, that its became today’s necessity to spend time with our children(quality time). this helps in two ways; one, to know about their daily schedule and secondly knows about what is going in their life.

True being a parent is a hands on job + a learning experience Of how A new life takes its place in our heart our mind and you dont come to know how they become our world.

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