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Tackle the difficulties of parenting teenagers!

I keep meeting parents and teachers regularly who have to deal with teenagers on a daily basis and I feel that they don’t do justice to them as they all become so judgmental about their actions. They ill-treat the teenagers and at times I am shocked to see their reactions to a normal teenage outburst or an argument. They simply

Making New Year’s Resolutions with Your Child

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone around is in a celebratory mood. Our household is no different. We too have swung into celebration mode with dinner parties this weekend before the New Year kicks in. In one such dinner party, where we had invited a few of our friends with their children,

Having a fun Christmas with children

The festivity in the air is hard to miss, with Christmas less than a couple of days away! Just one look at the newspapers and you are flooded with options on how you can celebrate Christmas, right from parties to attend, to events, galas and fests. Even the neighborhood shopping complexes and malls are dressed

Nurturing Selflessness in Children

I want to begin this blog by relating an incident that took place a few months back. As usual, I picked up my son after school, and since he was famished, bought him a pack of chips for the drive back home. As we slowed down at a signal crossing, he looked out the window,

Innovative Recycling Ideas – Parents Speak Up

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Igenius Parent of the Month – Sandhi Sharma Sandhir

My philosophy in life Life offers no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than nurturing the next generation. Parenting is a blessing from the Almighty empowering you to leave behind your legacy. Hence, it’s imperative that we remain honest in what we do as parents as, in no time, we will mould the soft clay into

Making Children aware about Recycling

Last week was the first time my son fought with me and I had to back down, because I was wrong! I have to admit, as surprised as I was, I was truly delighted with the choice of school we made all those years ago. Confused, right? Well, you see I usually pick up and

Which should be given more priority – food or exercise?

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Malnutrition in Children

When I went to visit my son’s pediatrician for the 5th time a few months back, and not for a social call, I knew it was a warning sign. Something was terribly wrong with my child’s health, and as I later on figured out, it had very little to do with the latest viral doing

Making Children aware about the environment

One look at the recent disaster that has hit the world is enough to realize how fragile our lives really are. One minute you could be planning a birthday party for your child, while around the bend, a calamity might be the one to greet you first. The frequent earthquakes, the previously unheard of tsunamis,