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Positive Parenting

It is a job that can be more demanding than running a corporate conglomerate. It is a job that challenges you physically, emotionally and mentally. It is a job that lasts for the rest of your life and is a thankless one, many a times. Yes, that job, as you have probably guessed by now,

Choosing the right summer activities for your child

Summer vacations! It’s a time that is filled with mixed emotions for any family – excitement for your child and anxiety for you, the parent! After all what can be worse than having a bored youngster at hand for a whole one and a half months?  Yes, there are the jaunts to the park and

Helping children prepare for Examinations

Exams! The word as defined by the dictionary means “an important test of your knowledge, especially one that you take at school or university.” But ask any child or for that matter even a parent what it means, and the answer will probably translate to ‘unparalleled stress!’ While examinations maybe meant for the sake of

Tackle the difficulties of parenting teenagers!

I keep meeting parents and teachers regularly who have to deal with teenagers on a daily basis and I feel that they don’t do justice to them as they all become so judgmental about their actions. They ill-treat the teenagers and at times I am shocked to see their reactions to a normal teenage outburst or an argument. They simply

Patriotic Kids of Today

I wish to begin this blog by relating an incident that took place last year on the 14th of August. An incident that made me feel like a proud mother. My 5 year old son was working on a school craft project in which he had created the national flag with vegetable prints. As soon

Helping Children Find Role Models

The famous African adage, “It takes a village to raise a child” couldn’t have been closer to the truth. Just one look at your child’s life indicates the number of people who influence his or her life on a daily basis. Of course parents play a major role in their child’s life, especially in the

Making New Year’s Resolutions with Your Child

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone around is in a celebratory mood. Our household is no different. We too have swung into celebration mode with dinner parties this weekend before the New Year kicks in. In one such dinner party, where we had invited a few of our friends with their children,

Nurturing Selflessness in Children

I want to begin this blog by relating an incident that took place a few months back. As usual, I picked up my son after school, and since he was famished, bought him a pack of chips for the drive back home. As we slowed down at a signal crossing, he looked out the window,

Teaching Children the Value of Money

Typical of the family weekend ritual, we had just returned from our jaunt at the neighborhood mall, after some fun, food and of course some retail therapy! But while the three of us, i.e. my husband, my one year old daughter and me, were happy with the way we spent our evening, my son was

Helping your child create a balance between sport and life

He is having a late night match with the wall after dinner, trying to perfect his backhand. She strikes a pose from her latest ballet composition even at the breakfast table while you get her things ready for school. He is on his 100th lap before he calls it a day! Indeed, practice is the