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Building a child’s vocabulary

It may start with simple words like mama and papa, dog and apple, but once your child embarks into his/her journey into the world of words, it just grips him/her! According to experts a child completes 80% of his/her learning between the ages of 0 – 4 years. It is during this time span that

Games of the yesteryears

Do you feel nostalgic when you remember your childhood days where you played those outdoor games like hide & seek, lattu, marbles and many more with your buddies? Today these traditional games are no longer of any interest to current generation’s children. While most of you spent your childhood playing outdoors , children of the

Helping your child achieve

When your toddler held your hand and mustered up to stand on his own two feet, it was his first taste of success! This gave him confidence, and he decided to explore walking, and yet again you were there to pick him up after every fall, until the day, he could walk and run on

Play to learn

“Are you going to spend all day with your toys? How about studying for some time now?” or “Can we stop playing a doctor or a chef now and play the role of a student who has some homework to finish?” ……. Every parent, at one time or another, and more often than not, has

The Winning Recipes

They say health is wealth, and now we have just plenty of tools to help us become wealthy with nutrition and good health, and make sure our children are too! We would like to thank you for your enthusiasm in sharing your recipes of good health and delectable flavors; it has indeed made the week

Money Management:A guide to teach your child the basics of savings!

When you first became a parent, you undoubtedly looked forward to teaching your child new things and helping him explore the world around him, step by step. Whether it was learning how to walk, or ride the bicycle or even solve his first puzzle, surely you must’ve have dreamt about how the two of you

A Big Round of Applause to our Teachers

Schools everywhere in India are abuzz with preparations to celebrate Teacher’s Day, after all they are the heroes of the school, and this special day gives us an opportunity to appreciate the hard work and love they put in whole year round. While the school will certainly ensure that their teachers are made to feel

Those Were The Days: The Importance of Childhood Memories

Beta! It’s so hot outside, you come back home NOW, “my mother yelled out from the porch. “5 more minutes ma, just 5 more minutes. It’s our turn to field now, I’ll come home as soon as we’ve won,” I hastily replied & disappeared out of her line of vision. A typical morning during summer

Same Gender Siblings – an advantage?

“The best gift parents can give their child is a sibling.” ~Author Unknown Having just celebrated Rakshabandhan, one can’t help but concur with this quote. It was a heart-warming sight to see my 2-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son celebrate this festival. Even though their understanding of what it signifies is limited to the poems they

What Kind of Parent Are You ? Dr.Shraddha Kapoor on the different types of parenting

Education, genes, health,& environment are some of the ingredients that go into making a child a happy adult.  However, parenting is one of the most crucial influences. Research shows that parents have profound and long-lasting effects on their children’s capacity to be happy. Some styles of parenting tend to promote the development of happiness, while