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Helping your child create a balance between sport and life

He is having a late night match with the wall after dinner, trying to perfect his backhand. She strikes a pose from her latest ballet composition even at the breakfast table while you get her things ready for school. He is on his 100th lap before he calls it a day! Indeed, practice is the

Importance of Sports in the wholesome development of a child

I have a 5 year old and a toddler at home, so, if you are a parent, you can well imagine my plight! The cacophony in my house is hard to escape, despite all efforts I often find myself trying to match the inexhaustible energy levels that these bonny young boys have. Not that they

Encouraging Sports in your Child’s life

While the Common Wealth has garnered its share of publicity in the recent past, unfortunately it has been more for the wrong reasons than the right ones! Therefore we thought it only right to leave aside the controversies involved in the country’s first mega-sporting event and instead, focus on what the games will hopefully highlight