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Choosing the right summer activities for your child

Summer vacations! It’s a time that is filled with mixed emotions for any family – excitement for your child and anxiety for you, the parent! After all what can be worse than having a bored youngster at hand for a whole one and a half months?  Yes, there are the jaunts to the park and

Nurturing Selflessness in Children

I want to begin this blog by relating an incident that took place a few months back. As usual, I picked up my son after school, and since he was famished, bought him a pack of chips for the drive back home. As we slowed down at a signal crossing, he looked out the window,

Role of a mother in a child’s life

I am a teacher and this profession has been my passion from the past 15 years. My son Shayon is 19 years old and studies at the same school I teach at. My experience as a teacher has helped me understand that he is an average student, capable of securing 60-70 per cent and this

Emotional Quotient (EQ) and/or Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Just fresh from sharing my thoughts in a blog on the importance of emotional intelligence, I found it difficult to resist a colleague’s sarcastic remark to another, about how she was being ‘a baby’ in expressing her grief through tears, about not having done enough for a client who had terminated his services with our

Raising children with high emotional intelligence

The other day as I saw two of my colleagues have a go at each other for the nth time, and that too over a trivial issue, it really got me thinking! Both these colleagues I work with are brilliant in what they do and yet they often display complete apathy for each other and

Child Bullying – Dr. Samir Parikh

Bullying has become a problem of increasing concern in recent times. It is a big part of growing up and there is enough research to show that bullying can seriously affect a child’s life, impacting his or her emotional and interpersonal functioning as well as causing changes in the way the child perceives, interprets and

Dealing with Child Bullying

Just the other day, my son and I were flipping through channels on the television so that we decide on what cartoon film he wanted to watch, and agree to finish his lunch (it was a deal struck to finish some veggies in the plate) and he came across the famous detergent advertisement, where a

Discovering your child’s talent

Just like any other parent, when summer approached this year, I was scanning through the numerous classes and activity camps that my 4-year-old son could join and enjoy. Little did I know then, that a simple class could be the beginning of a special journey, both for me and him. You see, at the beginning

Parent-child friendship

When we talk of Parent child friendship, how many of us parents are helping our children enter a virtual world? After a certain amount of time they would fancy spending their time separately with their technology partner. Technology is being used to engage children either to enhance creativity or merely keep them busy. The world

Helping your child to make friends

When I was around 10 years old, we moved cities, and while I was excited to live in this new place, have my own room, and enjoy the amenities available at this new society, my biggest fear was loneliness. And justly so! Making friends is perhaps one of the most challenging things that happen in