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Helping children prepare for Examinations

Exams! The word as defined by the dictionary means “an important test of your knowledge, especially one that you take at school or university.” But ask any child or for that matter even a parent what it means, and the answer will probably translate to ‘unparalleled stress!’ While examinations maybe meant for the sake of

Making New Year’s Resolutions with Your Child

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone around is in a celebratory mood. Our household is no different. We too have swung into celebration mode with dinner parties this weekend before the New Year kicks in. In one such dinner party, where we had invited a few of our friends with their children,

Tips for getting through the changing seasons

Toys strewn all over the house. Bath time at 1 in the afternoon. Chips for breakfast and sometimes even for lunch. TV hours going on endlessly. Playing at the local park for hours at a stretch. Yes! When school breaks rolls around, it can be a great time for the kids to let their hair

Making Children aware about Recycling

Last week was the first time my son fought with me and I had to back down, because I was wrong! I have to admit, as surprised as I was, I was truly delighted with the choice of school we made all those years ago. Confused, right? Well, you see I usually pick up and

Malnutrition in Children

When I went to visit my son’s pediatrician for the 5th time a few months back, and not for a social call, I knew it was a warning sign. Something was terribly wrong with my child’s health, and as I later on figured out, it had very little to do with the latest viral doing

Making Children aware about the environment

One look at the recent disaster that has hit the world is enough to realize how fragile our lives really are. One minute you could be planning a birthday party for your child, while around the bend, a calamity might be the one to greet you first. The frequent earthquakes, the previously unheard of tsunamis,

Nursery Admissions – Documents Checklist

As many parents are looking for the list of documents they need to prepare for Nursery Admissions 2011-2012 session in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida or Ghaziabad and rest of cities in India, we have compiled a list of all documents for all of you. Each school differs in the documents it requires. Here is Nursery Admission

Nursery Admissions – What if my child’s name does not figure out in any of the school’s first list?

Solution – Wait for the other lists to come out. Don’t get stressed. As many people have applied in multiple schools and results are coming out on a single day in Delhi, there are going to be many parents who might not take admissions in those schools and will choose only one of the schools

Nursery Admissions – Role of Parents on the admission interview day

On the day of the child’s school admission interview, parents also have a very important role to play and there are certain tips that can help you prepare for the same. Keep in mind that in many schools, they not only interview or test the child but the parents too. Though this practice of interviews

Nursery Admissions – How to compare between the old well-known schools & the new schools?

Which schools are you applying this year for your child’s nursery admission? On being asked this question, any parent would come up with a list, which consists of names of only the old and well established known schools. The irony behind this is that even if the school is very far away from the residence,